How to Contribute to Official Documentation

The community is welcome to make changes to the official documentation on Any help is appreciated!

You can start with very minimal knowledge and learn as you go along.

Your changes will not be visible right away, someone must merge them. So, don't worry about breaking something!

If you're stuck at any point, don't hesitate to ask for help.

There are 2 different workflows which you can use to make changes. Use what you are most comfortable with!


We recommend to try out the "Edit me on GitHub" workflow, because it is a way to quickly make changes, but use "Local Editing and Rendering with Docker" in the long run for larger changes.

  1. "Edit me on GitHub" workflow

    You can edit documentation directly online in your browser.

    This workflow can be used for minor changes.

    For extensive changes, it is recommended to use "Local Editing and Rendering with Docker".

    Get started: Workflow #1: "Edit me on GitHub".

  2. "Local Editing and Rendering with Docker" workflow

    If you are familiar with Git, Docker and the command line, you can use this workflow. In fact, it is recommended.

    If you already contributed to other projects on GitHub via pull requests, you should already be familiar with this workflow. The only difference to a general GitHub contribution workflow using Git is the local rendering with Docker!

    Get started: Workflow #2: "Local Editing and Rendering with Docker"